How To Make Pennis Thicker and Longer Naturally – Four Effective Exercise To Increase Penis

Penis size is considered to be the most important for a man and men are always in search of finding a way to make their penis thicker and longer naturally for several years. This is because men always doubt the size of their pennis and wonder whether it is enough to have a healthy intimate life, or is it enough to satisfy their partner. But most of the time they often end up being sad and stressed because they think pennis size like a pornstar is absolutely necessary to have a better sex life. But this is actually a myth pennis size and sex are not that important it’s the connection between the couple that makes the sex intense.

Men are in need of a thicker and longer pennis not only for a better and improved sex life, but it is also for the betterment of their sex life and sexual satisfaction. A thicker and longer pennis will also gives you improved confidence and improve your sex life and help you have new sex fantasies with your partner. In recent research conducted to find whether the bigger penis is important for women is conducted. And it is found that pennis size does matter to women as partners. And it is also found that in google searches more than men, women are searching for the term ‘thicker and longer pennis’, which shows the need for a bigger penis in men. That is why most men always want a bigger pennis.

There are several other equipment and supplements to increase your penis size. But as they cause side effects we will see how to increase size without any side effects naturally. These exercises can increase your pennis size up to 2 inches in just a few weeks and penis enlargement is not that tough, increasing the length and circumference of the most needed body part without spending thousands is really a cool thing to do.

Let us look into some of the exercises that make the pennis powerful and bigger and it can even cure issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction along with an increase in sex time. Some of the world-famous pennis enlargement exercises will be seen in this article.

Penis Big

What is the special exercises that help to make pennis thicker and longer


Stretching is the best penis exercise and it is very popular among young adults to enhance the length of the will only require a few minutes for you to do this exercise.

Grab your penis below its head. hold the pennis perfectly, not too hard or not too soft. Now pull your pennis towards your feet. This will make you feel a small stretch in the penile shaft but there will be no pain. Hold that position for 10 to 30 seconds to make the session effective. Now get the pennis back to its original position and now pull it towards the sky and hold that position for 10 to 30 seconds to make the session effective. Similarly, follow the steps for the left and right sides.

Rotating stretch

This exercise is also similar to the previous exercise but in this, you will pull the pennis parallel to the ground and when you feel a stretch in the pennis you have to move the pennis in a circular motion along with stretching in both counterclockwise and clockwise directions and do it for 30 seconds.


This exercise is well known for young adults who masturbate as this is similar to masturbation exercise. It can enhance the dick size and provide a hard erection. To do this exercise take some lubricant and apply it on the penis, hold the pennis and move your hand up and down continuously but slowly and also maintain constant pressure on the pennis and do this for 5 minutes per session.


Kegel exercise can give you a hard boner and also improve sex time as blood flow will increase in the pennis.

First find your Pubococcygeus muscle, which can be felt when you stop the flow of urine. After finding it tries to hold the contraction for six seconds and then releases the contraction. Take a break and do it for 30 minutes every day to see an improved erection.